Constituent Colleges and Units

06/08/2010 21:16


Following are the list of Constituent colleges under JNTU Hyderabad.
JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad (CEH)
JNTU College of Engineering, Jagityala(CEJ)
Administrative Structure :
Each constituent college has the following administrative structure. The Principal is the administrative and the academic Head of the College. Each department will be headed by a Head of the Department. Head will monitor the academic and developmental activities of the department. The principal is assisted by the Vice-Principal and heads of the departments. Further the Principal is also assisted by the College Academic Committee in academic matters and the Deputy Registrar and the office staff in administrative matters.
Facilities to Staff and Students :
The day-to-day activities of the college are carried out by budgetary allocation from the University funds. Colleges also receive grants from funding agencies such as UGC, AICTE and DST. Besides conducting academic programmes, these colleges offers consultancy services, to various government and private organisation, in various field of Engineering and technology. All the colleges have on campus accommodation facilities for students and staff and facilities such as Bank, Post office, Health Centre. All colleges have central library besides this central library majority of the departments have department libraries. Students are encouraged to register and participate in important Profession organisations such as I EEE, ISTE, IEI. Campus placement is very encouraging in all colleges. Over 80% of the students will be placed through campus recruitment in very reputed organisation with attractive pay packages. In the following paragraphs more specific details of each of these colleges are furnished in brief.